Italian Gourmet Food and Beverage

Agricolè Quality Farmers was born out of our passion for  nature, delicatessen and out of love for our
homeland. The research and selection of excellent quality  products started in 2010, firstly within Calabria that is our land  and then nationally. Thereafter, in order
to satisfy our clients’ requests for new products, we extended our range all over Italy. At present our groupage activity is structured with an
operative platform located in Reggio Calabria,
measuring approximately 300 sq.m. Every day,
farming businesses deliver their products ready to be
distributed.The products get checked on legislative conformity and good conservation status. Finally, every product or product unit will be given a seal of “guaranteed quality Agricolè”.
The platform has a high index of rotation, so that the
warehouse storage is practically non existent whilst
maintaining the concept of zero-miles food from
producer to consumer.
Through well defined contracts with International and
National major couriers, that include controlled
temperature services, merchandise from packaged cargo to eurpallet gets delivered to Italy and beyond. Most of the companies own quality certifications valid in Italy,Europe and other non European countries.