Grappa dello Stretto 0.75 cl - Calabrian Grappa

Grappa dello Stretto 0.75 cl - Calabrian Grappa

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Treasures of Calabria in a bottle.

In Calabria the cult of the vine has ancient origins, prior to 744 BC when on its eastern coasts the Greeks arrived there and named it ENOTRIA, whose meaning is derived from the Greek root οινος. “Land of Wine” was the term with which the ancient Greeks knew the Calabria. The local wines have an illustrious past of great celebrities, which reached the peak when they were offered as a gift to the victorious athletes at the Olympics competitions. Robust and high-proof wines, resistant to travel, Calabrian wines were shipped to the Mediterranean markets from Sybari, Kroton and Locri ports. In the ancient port of Sibari real wine pipelines (enodotti) facilitated the transport of wine. It was also loaded in terracotta amphoras and exported by the Romans all over the known world of that time.

GRAPPA DELLO STRETTO is a specialty that embodies the history of Calabria, the region once known as ENOTRIA, the LAND OF WINE. The selection of raw materials, the slow distillation in discontinuous still and all stages of processing, are subjected to a scrupulous care. Its refined bouquet, its strong and generous taste has all the qualities to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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